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The Will

Set in 1996, “The Will” follows the story of Hannah Delaney, aged 27, who returns from Hong Kong to England to unravel a mystery surrounding her father and his will.  Her investigations lead her through layers of obstruction, deceit and manipulation, which reveal disturbing psychological motives and criminal intent that puts her life in danger. How will she cope with the mysteries that unfold in front of her? Will love from a new encounter change her perspective or will she find only hate and deceit?

            Readers will identify with Hannah as she has to come to terms with grief, uncertainty and isolation in her pursuit of the truth and justice.  “The Will” is a story of suspense and action but one which also explores a seeming evil and the effect of the past on one’s imagination and its conflict with the future. It deals, in addition, with the problem of a very obsessive and self-centred character, Hugo, and how he impacts on the story. It is a story that will appeal to fans of crime and mystery and those who enjoy a novel of realism with a touch of the gothic.

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Extracts of Reviews

Law Gazette January 2018 “This is a highly enjoyable novel. It provides an often chilling illustration of the behaviour and machinations which can underlie inheritance disputes.”

Refers earlier to it as “An excellent novel”

Comments from amazon:

“This is one of the best books I have read this year. It was easy to get into, beautifully written in plain English and with a plot that flows through many twists and turns on every gripping page right through to the denouement.”

“Brilliant story that kept me hooked right from the start and guessing to the end.”

“Well written, compelling read, which draws one in to identify with the main character, Hannah.”