Saturday, June 22, 2024

Give Us A Chance

“Give us a Chance” is an entertaining collection of poems written from the view of creatures that we love to hate or do not always appreciate like the spider, snake, magpie and shark. They are fun poems with a rich use of rhythm and rhyme to give them energy and humour. At the same time they are thought-provoking and offer fresh insights and new angles as the twenty six creatures challenge our perceptions and assert their value and use, their contributions to the web of life. They all have their own unique character and style of living from the slow, relaxed climb of the snail to the nervous fears of the rabbit with “dangers snapping all the way”. They have their own special skills, whether the crocodile’s for sheer survival, the worm’s for transforming soil or the pigeon’s for stamina and speed. And behind the scenes, so many of them useful in clearing away our waste!

            Though intended essentially for children aged eight and above, the poems can also be enjoyed by adults, both parents and teachers, and those interested in animal life. They are very relevant in touching on environmental issues beneath the fun and teachers could use them as a way of linking poetry with the facts and interests of science.

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Caroline Lucas MP for The Green Party: “Give us a Chance encourages us to think about the world around us and treat it with greater respect. Young people are the future guardians of the environment and this collection of poems will help them develop a better understanding of why that task is important.”

TES 2009 “The poems are entertaining and informative. In terms of style and writing I feel the book would be best suited to the younger end of the primary age range.”

Earth Love: Quirky and informative, the animals are given their own voice in poems that both appeal to adults and have great educational value for kids.”