Thursday, December 2, 2021


There are moments in history
when a printing press opens
and new thought expands,
when a wall comes down
and people break free;
moments of mystery
when desires are rewired
by a Gandhi, Mandela,
a future inspired.

There are moments in science
of searching, defiance
when, rare in their daring,
a Newton, a Faraday,
a Darwin, an Einstein
breaks through and brightens
our lives and enlightens
the forces that drive us,
the earth and its birth.

There are moments of waking
to wonder, to beauty:
to the green in the freshness
of leaves in the spring,
the blue of a whale that
breaks beyond surfing,
the stripes of a tiger
stark in the snow, moments
that linger, refusing to go.

There are moments when love
lifts us free to see, to give,
receive the gift of another;
when our focus is changed
to the needs of a neighbour;
moments when we break
from the past, a feared future
to live for the living,
the dying, the now.

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