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Yellow Jacket

I’m a cheerful, buzzing fellow

With a coat of black and yellow.

I’m friendly, too,

As long as you

Do not attack

And try to whack.

But, if you do,

Then it is true

That I may sting

And with a zing.

It’s no offence

In self-defence.

So try to look on me as friend;

It all works better in the end.

You see I’m useful in my way.

I pollinate your flowers and prey

On caterpillars that destroy

Your crops; it’s  true I may annoy

You when I sting or try to loot

Your homemade jam or fallen fruit.

But think of all the mess I clear,

The pests I eat, the pests you fear.

So do not swipe and cause me strife.

I’m part of the great web of life.