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Jane Mann has won a number of poetry prizes, including the Literary Review and Mail on Sunday Grand Poetry Prize for 2007 and the Writers’ News Annual Open Poetry Competition for 2006. She has had her poems published in magazines including Writing Magazine, Blinking Eye and Literary Review and in Read me out Loud, an anthology for children.

After gaining a degree and teaching qualification, she went out to Hong Kong, where she worked as an Education Officer, teaching English to Chinese students. While in Hong Kong, she wrote an adventure story, Chang Fook and the Viper, published by OUP and used as a reader in schools there.

Returning to England, she got married and settled in a rural community in Buckinghamshire where she raised her family, two daughters and a son. Her work continued as a lecturer in further education and later as an examiner for three exam boards. She is now retired and has five grandchildren.

Concerned for many years about pollution and the way we treat other species, she is particularly interested in environmental issues. Her novel, The Cause, published in 2005 dealt with the issue of vivisection. She is now focussing on poems for both children and adults.

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