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Vinca Press

This is an immensely readable book, a book that here at Oozeonline we couldn’t put down and one that animal rights campaigners should want to see on the bestseller lists.

Oozeonline May 2005

An excellent and moving novel. It will certainly make you think.

Animal Cruelty Investigation Group News 32 July 2005

A book of action and conflict with a love interest to boot. Sounds like most of the other novels that will be released in the next couple of months. But “The Cause” is different. Its driving force is the concern over how we treat animals with a particular focus on vivisection.  Marlow writer, Jane Mann, has really got her teeth into her subject matter and as a result “The Cause” fizzes with urgency, energy and passion.

Berkshire Living

“The Cause” clearly illustrates the plight of laboratory animals and Mann uses detail that makes this vivid. Her research into the issue of vivisection is evident and her portrayal of the consequences of experimentation on animals is realistic and convincing. She also does a commendable job of putting forward both the ethical and scientific arguments against vivisection. I would definitely recommend people to read this book – whether they are after an insight into the conditions lab animals are forced to endure or just want a good read about someone fighting for their beliefs and for love.

BUAV Campaign Report Summer 2005

This is a gripping tale that tries sympathetically to understand the motivation and determination of those who want to bring an end to vivisection.  “The Cause” should appeal to anyone with an interest in animal rights and the vivisection debate or who enjoys a good story.

Animal Aid magazine Outrage Autumn 2005

The author has taken a very sensitive subject and woven it expertly into a story which presents both sides of the debate without coming down too openly on either side. I really liked the fact that I wasn’t preached at. All the emotive persuasion came subtly through the thoughts of Kate. Jane Mann has succeeded in producing a thought provoking and fascinating read.

Agilitynet.com October 2005

If you are sympathetic to the cause, this novel’s narrative and strong characters will hold your attention. It makes you think.

Viva Life Autumn/Winter 2005

This is a fast moving fictional, but realistic account of life in the animal rights movement. Through her choice of simple language Jane Mann conveys both moral clarity as well as an appeal to all ages.  She is addressing an audience who, for whatever reason, have not considered the morality of experiments on animals for the advance of science.  She attempts to convert merely by describing the facts as seen through the eyes of both sides. Though she inserts the occasional reflection on the deeper implications of such dilemmas, her fundamental question is whether the law is right to condemn acts of sabotage when they are in defence of a good cause.

Green World 50 Autumn 2005