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Doctor Crock

Hello, I’m Crocky, Doctor Crock.

You’ve no doubt seen the way I rock,

The way I shock

With awesome jaws

And teeth that lock.

You’ve no doubt seen the tail I swing,

The way I spring,

My armoured force,

My fearsome fling.

I’m sure you’ve seen the way I spy

With eyes set high

Above the water

Where I lie.

But did you know

That I’m the great survivor?

One meal a month is all I need.

I fast – I don’t give way to greed.

I can endure long spells of drought.

Entombed in mud, I can hold out

For I’m the great survivor.

Two hundred million years I’ve been

Evolving on this earth of green

Far longer than the human race

So they should honour, give me space.

I’ve seen the dinosaurs arise;

I’ve seen them fall and fossilize.

I’ve witnessed meteors, heat and cold,

Strange climate change yet kept my hold

For I’m the great survivor!