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Vinca Press

Give us a Chance is an original, fun collection of poems focussing on creatures that we love to hate or, for some reason, do not appreciate. Written from the view of the creatures themselves, each with its own lifestyle and character, each asserting its value in the scheme of things and challenging our prejudices, the poems are both informative and entertaining.

They open our eyes to the often unnoticed but remarkable skills and appearances of some of the creatures and give a new perspective on potential benefits hidden behind the scenes. Did we know, for example, that the hated, stinging wasp controls other pests?

The humour comes from this new perspective, an animal protest perspective, both a challenge and fun. It lies too in the robust rhythm and skilful rhymes that reinforce the content and make the lines memorable. Children very much enjoy strong rhythms and rhyme and there is a feast of both here.


Give us a Chance, by Jane Mann.

Published by Vinca Press.

ISBN 978-0-9549093-1-4, £4.99pbk.

Book illustrations by Bonnie Baker.