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Wizard Web Weaver

I do not understand this human fear,

The way they shake and scream when I appear

As if I were a monster of the night,

Intent on spite and murder with my bite,

When I am delicate, in fact, and small

With no intent of harming them at all.

So why the fuss? Why all this mad stampede?

Is it my hairy legs? My random speed?

I think that humans should revise their view

Of me and recognise what I can do.

I may not be a beauty in their eyes

But I control potential plagues of flies

And other nasty bugs that make them ill.

I weave, design my webs with special skill,

With silk that’s stronger gram for gram than steel,

My victims caught before they’ve time to squeal.

And so I help protect the human race.

Why do they chase me then from place to place

With horrid hoovers, traps and stamping feet?

I do not think this is the way to treat

A creature with the skills that I display

For I am quite a wizard in my way.

Can humans walk like me and hold their grip

On ceilings and on walls and never slip?

Do they have legs with over forty knees

That run in all directions as they please?

They’re nowhere near as agile, fast as me;

So they should stop and think and let me be.