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Sea Speeder

Hi there! It’s me,

The Great White Shark.

Don’t feel alarm.

I mean no harm.

I’m not the monster that the films create,

The Mr Nasty that they love to hate.

Let’s get this straight:

It’s true my jaws are strong and wide,

My teeth are sharp and pierce and crunch,

But these are my survival aids

And help me find a needed lunch.

I’ve got to live, as you all do,

And I’m more useful in my way.

I clear the sea of rot and junk,

The rubbish humans throw away.

Four million years I’ve been

Evolving to my present state.

That’s quite a time and surely proof

That my physique and skills are great.

I’m a fast and agile swimmer,

Can smell a drop of blood from miles.

I can speed like a torpedo,

Surpassing any human wiles.

It’s not my custom to attack

A human for my sport and food.

It’s only if I am provoked

And forced into a stroppy mood.

So stop this craze for shark’s fin soup.

It’s cruel to cut away a fin.

How would you like your leg cut off

And thrown into a baking tin?

Now listen to what I propose:

I won’t attack if you’ll agree

To keep your nasty nets and knives

Away from me and let me be.

Just leave my patch of sea to me.